Meet Gabby

Gabby grew up in the Central West in NSW, and after studying in Melbourne, has now found herself in the South West of Victoria, enjoying the country and coastal lifestyle.

Gabby is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD), with experience working as a community dietitian and hospital-based dietitian during her career. Gabby supports paediatrics and adults, specifically eating disorders, gastrointestinal health conditions, chronic and complex health conditions, and individuals of all abilities and neurodivergence (Autism, ADHD, and more). 

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Gabby is a non-diet, neuro-affirming dietitian that provides evidenced-based nutrition support for all of her clients.

Gabby has a specific interest in supporting children and their families/ caregivers when it comes to eating and nutrition. She understands that every family’s journey is unique.


Gabby is enthusiastic when it comes to learning and building her knowledge to ensure she delivers the most appropriate care for her clients.

Current training includes:

Monash University Low FODMAP course for IBS & functional gut issues.

Paediatric Nutrition, Monash University

Inclusive Approaches to Supporting Neurodivergent Children with Feeding Challenges, RDs for Neurodiversity

Eating Disorder Community Training for Dietitians, ANZAED

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